Petersham Road

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The Hoxton Docks, 55 Laburnum St,
London, E2 8BD

Preview Night

16th April 2016


29th & 30th April

Petersham road invites you to join us in the year 2121, where all popular culture has been pushed behind closed doors.

Turn back the hands of time, creep below sea level and explore the realms of Shunga. Draw back the curtain of the mundane to find all elements of the weird and wonderful.

We recommend you to take a tour. Following at least two three star reviews on mumsnet and a mention in Lonely Planet, Shunga tours have really boomed. On the day of your tour you will receive a call from an unknown number. This is your tour guide, he’s got a smile on his face, bills to pay and girlfriend that likes Korean Barbecue.

Remember to be careful where you tread, who you tell and ALWAYS ask questions, Shunga is never quite what it seems.

Petersham Road is an interactive creative events company, based in the heart of London. Specialising in site specific theatre, innovative music platforms and sensory entertainment. We communicate experiential concepts locally and globally.

Using a rich variety of mediums within each performance, we not only aim to help redefine the relationship between performer and spectator, but also create theatrical worlds that challenge, inspire, and capture the imaginations of both audiences and individuals alike.

New website coming soon.

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